2025 CIFF


展会时间:2025年05月16日-19日             展会地址:天津           展会地址:国家会展中心(天津)   



With the improvement of people's living standards and the deepening of leisure concepts, outdoor furniture, as an important tool to expand the boundaries of life and improve the quality of life, is gradually being favored by more and more people. Let's learn about the current development status and future prospects of the outdoor furniture industry together with CIFF Furniture Exhibition.

The current development status of the outdoor furniture industry market

CIFF Furniture Exhibition learned that with the steady improvement of residents' quality of life, the demand for outdoor furniture products continues to grow. Outdoor furniture, as a non essential consumer product to improve quality of life, will benefit from the increase in purchasing power of residents and further expand market demand. Outdoor furniture has a wide range of application scenarios, including courtyards, balconies, sunrooms, parks, squares, hotels, resorts, and restaurants, providing a vast space for the outdoor furniture market.

There is a wide variety of outdoor furniture products, including chairs, stools, sofas, beds, hammocks, umbrellas, etc. According to the different placement forms, outdoor furniture can be divided into three categories: movable, fixed, and portable. In the future, with the development of trends such as intelligence and environmental protection, the outdoor furniture industry will move towards higher technological content and more environmentally friendly directions. At the same time, consumers have put forward higher requirements for the appearance, design, and function of outdoor furniture products, and related enterprises need to launch more personalized products to meet market demand.

The country has introduced multiple laws, regulations, and guiding policy documents for the outdoor furniture and supplies industry to encourage and support its development. The policy encourages the outdoor furniture industry to transform and upgrade in the direction of intelligence, improve the technological content and added value of products.

Prediction of Future Development Prospects for the Outdoor Furniture Industry

CIFF Furniture Exhibition has learned that with the improvement of people's living standards and the pursuit of quality of life, the outdoor leisure furniture market will continue to maintain a growth trend. Especially with the acceleration of urbanization and the popularization of small-scale housing, outdoor spaces have become important places for people to relax and entertain, further driving the demand for outdoor furniture market. Consumers have increasingly strong personalized demands for outdoor furniture, placing higher demands on product materials, design, functionality, and other aspects. This requires outdoor furniture companies to continuously innovate in product research and development to meet the needs of different consumers.

With the advancement of technology, intelligence will become an important development trend in the outdoor furniture industry. For example, remote control and intelligent adjustment of furniture can be achieved through IoT technology to enhance the user experience for consumers. Driven by global environmental awareness, green environmental protection will become an important development direction for the outdoor furniture industry. The adoption of environmentally friendly materials, reduction of energy consumption and emissions in the production process, and realization of product recycling and reuse will become the core competitiveness of outdoor furniture enterprises.

It is expected that the global outdoor furniture market will continue to maintain a growth trend in the coming years. Due to differences in consumer needs, consumption habits, and purchasing power among different regions, the outdoor furniture market will exhibit significant regional market differences. Enterprises need to develop differentiated market strategies based on the characteristics of different regional markets.

CIFF furniture exhibitors continuously improve product quality and brand image, providing global consumers with better outdoor furniture products and services, expanding market space, and achieving a better future development.











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